Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange (SCHIE) has selected Mirth Corporation of Irvine, California to provide HIE software, replacing the Optum/Axololt HIE solution. Elysium and the Virtual Health Record will retire June 19, 2015 and the new SCHIE will launch on June 22, 2015.

SCHIE will have a new interface for accessing consolidated patient records.  The SCHIE is hosting several training sessions in June. The SCHIE Team will be sending out communications and keep you apprised of the changes and what you need to do to prepare for the transition.

This change is very positive for the region and builds upon the trust and support of existing participants and patients. It provides us with a flexible and scalable solution that will provide not only current functionality and data to our users, but also a platform for needed functionality and information requirements.  We have developed an FAQ that will address many questions regarding this important change (read more…)

On Friday, June 19 at 7pm, Elysium will be retired. That means, on Monday, June 22, when you come into the office you will have a new link, login and password to get you into the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange (SCHIE). Here’s a step by step guide to what you need to do to make sure you and your team are ready:

Managers and Administrator Checklist

  • Direct Email Account – If you don’t already have a Direct email account click on the “Direct Sign-up” button to register for a Direct email account.  Check your everyday work email account for an email with the subject “Action Needed: Activate Your DIRECT Account” from Axesson, LLC., and follow the link and instructions to complete your registration and activate your account.  If you are unable to locate the Activation email, call(831) 600-3769.
  • Submit Staff Access List – If you haven’t already done so, please fill out this spreadsheet User Access Please complete each field.  Appropriate users include, but are not limited to, individuals who use Elysium, the Virtual Health Record (VHR), individuals with a care relationships, MAs, PAs, Physicians, Billing Managers, Clinical Office Managers, and Clinical Department Managers etc. Submit the completed form to by June 4th
  • Select Staff Champions – Engage staff managers and SCHIE Champions to be the point person for their teams. The Champions will be required to
    • Identifying who on their team needs access to the SCHIE and communicate to the SCHIE on the user access form.
    • Assisting End Users to delete Elysium shortcut on desktops and laptops and replace with SCHIE portal shortcuts.
  • Interface Update – Contact your IT manager to replace the Elysium shortcut on organization portals and desktops with Santa Cruz HIE portal.
  • Maintain Communication with Your Team – SCHIE will be sharing communication materials, announcements, event invitations and updates before and after the launch.
    • Managers and administrators will receive communications and will need to forward, post, and mail these materials to their Staff Champions and Santa Cruz HIE End Users.

Please call T:
831-600-3769, or send an email to if you have questions.

Staff Announcement


Internal Announcement for Managers to Post, Email or Mail

Required: Activation of Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange Account

On Friday, June 19 at 7pm, Elysium will be retired. That means, on Monday, June 22, when you come into the office former Elysium users will need to have a new link, login and password to get you into the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange (SCHIE). In addition, if you exchange clinical information with other health care providers or health plans you may also need to establish your “Direct” clinical email account if you have not done so already.  Check with your manager to determine if you need a Direct email account.  Your manager will request a Direct account on your behalf.

Your Elysium login will not work after June 22nd.  You will need to remove your shortcut links for Elysium and the Virtual Health Record and add the new Santa Cruz HIE shortcut.  The new Santa Cruz HIE URL is  You will not be able to access this portal until June 22nd.  Make sure you have this web address available for quick access.  You can bookmark and create desktop link after you have logged in.  If you create a shortcut prior to entering your user name and password the shortcut link will not work.   Your manager and IT support will assist you in getting access to the portal and creating those shortcut links.

There are quick start guides and videos available on our HIE Training Page

If you have questions, contact Santa Cruz HIE support by email or by phone at (831) 600-3769.

SCHIE User Access



Eligible professionals now have until 11:59 pm ET on March 20, 2015, to attest to meaningful use for the Medicare Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program 2014 reporting year.

CMS extended the deadline to allow providers extra time to submit their meaningful use data. CMS continues to urge providers to begin attesting for 2014 as soon as they can.

This extension also allows eligible professionals, who have not already used their one “switch”, to switch programs (from Medicare to Medicaid, or vice versa) for the 2014 payment year until 11:59 pm ET on March 20, 2015. After that time, eligible professionals will no longer be able to switch programs.

Medicare eligible professionals must attest to meaningful use every year to receive an incentive and avoid a payment adjustment. Providers who successfully attest for the 2014 program year will:

  • Receive an incentive payment
  • Avoid the Medicare payment adjustment, which will be applied January 1, 2016

Note: The Medicare extension does not affect deadlines for the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program. Additionally, the EHR reporting option for PQRS has been extended until March 20, 2015. Please be on the lookout for a separate listserv with information regarding the PQRS program extension.

How to Attest
Submit your data to the Registration and Attestation System, which includes 2014 Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) Flexibility Rule options.

Tips for speed:

  • Attest during non-peak hours, such as evenings and weekends
  • Start now to:
    • Check that your information is up to date
    • Begin entering your 2014 data

To learn more, see the Educational Resources on the CMS EHR Incentive Programs website.

For help, call the EHR Information Center: 1-888-734-6433
TTY for people with hearing impairments: 1-888-734-6563
Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 7:30 pm (ET)

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) intends to engage in rulemaking this spring to help ensure providers continue to meet meaningful use requirements.
In response to input from health care providers and other stakeholders, CMS is considering the following changes to the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Programs:

  1. Shortening the 2015 reporting period to 90 days to address provider concerns about their ability to fully deploy 2014 Edition software
  2. Realigning hospital reporting periods to the calendar year to allow eligible hospitals more time to incorporate 2014 Edition software into their workflows and to better align with other quality programs
  3. Modifying other aspects of the programs to match long-term goals, reduce complexity, and lessen providers’ reporting burden

These proposed changes reflect the Department of Health and Human Services’ commitment to creating a health information technology infrastructure that:

  • Elevates patient-centered care
  • Improves health outcomes
  • Supports the providers who care for patients

While CMS intends to pursue these changes through rulemaking, they will not be included in the pending Stage 3 proposed rule. CMS intends to limit the scope of the pending proposed rule to Stage 3 and meaningful use in 2017 and beyond.

To read Dr. Conway’s blog on this announcement, go to:
For more information about the EHR Incentive Programs, visit