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When you access the Authorization Portal from the SCHIE by clicking on Create New Authorization or Check on Authorization Status you can now modify the patient name in the name field.   This eliminates the need for you to access the PMG Authorization Portal outside of the SCHIE.  This will save you time and extra clicks! See our revised How To Create a PMG Authorization

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As we begin week 2 of the new SCHIE I want to pass along a few things that you will find useful.

More than 2,500 interactions have occurred between the users in the community and our support staff the week leading up to launch and during the first week.

  • More than 1,000 users have now successfully logged in and are using the system, even more are sending / receiving through their connected EHR.
  • Interfaces – If you had an interface with us before June 22, you still have an interface and documents should be flowing exactly the same with the new SCHIE and with other providers and organizations in the SCHIE.
  • Direct Messaging – A significant number of people have Direct addresses however Direct is still new and we are all learning. In some cases the messages being sent by Direct should be going across an interface and in other cases a message should be going to a different address. The first time you use Direct please follow up and get positive confirmation that what you sent was received and desired. Contact SCHIE support at 831.600.3769 to report any discrepancies or to explore how to make Direct work better.

The New Santa Cruz HIE is now available!

Elysium has officially been retired and the New Santa Cruz HIE is up and available.