The Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange

The Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange is one of the oldest and most advanced multi-stakeholder exchanges in the country.  The clinical network connects a large IPA, two local hospitals, several County Health Clinics, County Detention, Mental Health, seven national and local reference labs, five imaging centers and several safety net clinics.

More than 1.2 million web transactions occur each month on the HIE and more than 120,000 clinical documents consisting of lab results, electronic prescriptions, electronic refill requests, pre-treatment authorizations, orders, referrals, consult letters, H&P, radiology reports and transcribed documents are exchanged.

The exchange is open to any authorized healthcare stakeholder inside Santa Cruz County.

Mission Statement

  • To improve the  quality and efficiency of health care for all stakeholders in the Santa Cruz community;
  • To deliver technology assistance, guidance and information on best practices to providers with the goal of creating a healthcare delivery system that offers a seamless, integrated experience for patients and providers.;
  • Provide services and tools to participating healthcare providers to become meaningful users of EHRs connected to the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange;
  • These are foundational for Accountable Care, Clinical Integration, Medical Home Model and surviving payment reform as independent physicians.


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