Personal Health Record (PHR)

The Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange (SCHIE) is a web based health management system. The SCHIE has partnered with a company called NoMoreClipboard (NMC) to offer this service to patients. The SCHIE patient portal offers free, confidential, 24/7 access to your personal health record (PHR).

Patients can view, manage and maintain their personal health records electronically over a secure internet site. Your physician can send your health care records to your account with information such as allergies, medication list and & prior medical history or you can enter your information manually. We call this “One and done”. Once your record has been created, it’s complete and ready to share. You only need to maintain and update as your health information changes.

Your “medical memory” is now organized and stored securely for access anytime. When visiting other providers you can print out your complete information and take it to your appointment, saving you time filling out the same information on multiple forms over and over again. You can even send it to your provider ahead of time so they have the information prior to your appointment. But your personal health record is not just for you. You can manage health records for your spouse, children, and aging parents by adding them to your account.

You can access your records anytime and from any internet enabled device. View your records from your desk top computer, laptop, and mobile devices such as a tablet, iPad or Smart phone. Anywhere you go you will always have access to your health records as long as you have access to the internet.

You can even share your records and apply privileges to whomever you choose. You may want to allow full access to a home health care coordinator or to a family member. You can choose the level of permission from full access which allows them to add or edit your personal health record on your behalf or view only, the choice is yours and you are in control.

Once you activate your account you are issued a Direct secure email account. Direct email is much like your everyday email – only it it use solely to communicate with your health care clinicians. Direct email has specific technology and security protocols, unlike your standard email, which allows you to safely communicate personal health information with your health care clinicians.

In additional there are tools available for you to track your progress and monitor chronic conditions such as blood pressure, glucose levels and more. You can also print a wallet-size 911 card for emergency access. Place one on your child’s backpack, print for babysitters or caregivers – quick easy access to critical information.

Click here to register for your free account, then talk to your provider about receiving your records electronically!

Patient PHR Registration QuickStart Guide


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