Thank you for visiting our website and Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange. Santa Cruz HIE is committed to improving health care in the community and throughout the state.  You can read more about Santa Cruz HIE on our history page.

Santa Cruz HIE is connecting the community.  Our network is used to securely share information for patient care and this is called health information exchange.  Being connected allows participating physicians, hospitals, clinics and labs to access up-to-date patient information..  Updated patient information helps healthcare professionals provide you with better quality care.  Additionally, the information is shared in a more protected way than paper-based, faxes and mail.

For information on participation in the SCHIE visit our SCHIE Consent page.

Patients in the Santa Cruz Community interested in communicating with their health care providers can register for a Personal Health Record with Direct Secure Email and no charge.  For more information see our Personal Health Record (PHR).





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