How to access documents from other organizations


The Santa Cruz HIE is able to electronically query other Systems. The query allows an Authorized User to search a specific patient which exist in the other organization’s System. If the patient query is able to find a match the the results will be available in an CCD/CCDA (.xml), .pdf or .html format. The contents of the query will vary depending on the System that is queried and the data that the System is sending. To consume the data into a Certified Electronic Health Record (CEHR) and/or store as an attachment select the CCD/CCDA (.xml) format. This service is commonly referred to as eHealth Exchange query.


To query data from another system.

  1. From the the Patient tab select the search window to locate the patient.

  2. Click on the Patient entry to open the Summary view.

  3. Select the Tab under the patient name labeled External Document Search

4. In the Patient Actions Window – select Submit External Document Search

5. In the Selection Screen- select the desired criteria. These selection settings differ by the Organization that you are querying. Please refer to the table below.



Select Endpoints: the facility from which you would like to query and retrieve clinical documents.

Format Type is the structure of the file.

Document Type: A selection is available here only if CDA or CCDA is selected as the format type.

Entry Type is another filter to use to specify specific types of documents.

Creation Date, optional field, is the date the document was created, not necessarily the date the patient was seen. This date range can be left blank for everything, enter a date range, or enter a start date and leave the end date blank to select documents from a certain date to present.

Service Date Start, optional field, is the date that the patient was seen. It is possible to enter a range of dates if the exact date of service is unknown.

Service End Date, optional field, is the discharge date or may be the same as the Service Date Start. It is possible to enter a range of dates if the exact date is unknown.

Role is a required field. A selection from the drop down must be made to define the role of the requestor.

Reason is a required field. The drop down offers two choices. Access in the case of an emergency and all other situations covered in Healthcare Operations.

If the requestor is not a provider, the name of the physician for which the documents are being accessed should be entered.

k) Once you have completed the desired fields click the Submit button.

When the request is submitted it can take a few minutes for the systems to communicate and return results.

If a match is successful, documents will be available to view. The results will appear under Retrieved Documents. 6/23/2016 HOW DO I VIEW DOCUMENTS FROM OTHER ORGANIZATIONS?


To display the results, click on one of the blue links under Download.

The Document is a computer readable version of the patient data which will produce a file when clicked on that can be saved to the computer and imported to CEHR’s that are capable of consuming a CCD/CCDA. Depending on the CEHR’s technology you may be able to parse the data and choose what data you want to consume into the patient chart in the CEHR.


The PDF form will show the information in human readable form.The PDF can also be downloaded or it can be printed after opening.


The HTML view is a display of the information in a predetermined format. This display is usually the most comprehensive and readable format. You can save/print by using right-click, however you may need to change your page format. The external query will remain on the patient’s HIE summary page.

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