How to supporting documentation with a PMG authorization request


An Authorization for treatment for a PMG insured patient can be requested from a link in the PMG Provider portal or from the link, Create Auth located in the Patient Actions box in the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange (SCHIE) .

Creating the Authorization request from the SCHIE will provide a way to easily choose and send supporting documentation for the authorization request to the PMG Authorization staff.


1. Using the Search feature on the Patients tab in the SCHIE – locate the patient.

2. Click on the Create Auth link

3. Open and fill out the Authorization form. Make sure there is information in any field with a red asterisk.

4. Indicate at the bottom of the form that supporting documentation will be sent from the HIE.

5. Submit the Authorization form - you will be returned to the patient summary screen. Refresh.

6. From the patient summary, select the supporting document(s) by opening them and then send by clicking on SHARE.

7. In the Recipient Window, enter “PMG” - PMG Authorization will appear .

8. The Destination will populate with the correct choice.

9. Hit Share Now

10. The result will be received by the PMG Authorization staff. PMG Authorization can be maintained as a Quick Link if you wish so that you will not have to choose the Recipient every time. You can just click on the Quick Link and Share

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