How to check PMG authorization status


1. On the link bar at the top right click on Check Authorization Status and hit Open link in New Tab.

2. Click on the PMG Authorization Query Tab

3. Enter the Last name, first name or the member ID for the patient. A partial name entry is ok.

4. If you do not have the members name you can also select Search by Date. Enter a start and end date. The search will return a list of authorizations requested by your organization between those dates.

5. Choose the patient from the list or click on the patient displayed.

6. A view of the previous and current authorizations for your selected patient will be displayed with the Auth Status, the Auth Date, the Request Date and the Expiration Date.

7. If you have a question regarding a specific authorization, use the Question link. This question will go directly to PMG staff and will contain all the patient and authorization information from the authorization it is linked to.

8. The link on the top labeled Email PMG Authorization Question can be used to ask a question about any authorization for this patient.

9. To see a printable version of the authorization with more details click on the blue underlined Auth #

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