How to configure results view


PATIENT SUMMARY VIEW The patient summary view is the primary display of the patient’s clinical documents and other relevant medical data. This data is displayed in windows in a grid with different types of data in each window. Since some data is more relevant to some users than other data, this display is configurable to place the most important information in the optimal areas. This is configurable by each user. Select Patients and Search. You are only required to enter the Last Name. You can enter the last name of TEST. Leave the first name blank. We are just going to the dashboard and customizing the layout display at this time, click Submit.

Select one of the patient entries from the list and click.


The Configuration Layout link is on the Patients Tab under Patient Actions.

To set up your display drag and drop a document type to the pane in which you would like to view the results. More than one document type can be positioned in a single pane and they will appear as tabs in that pane on the Summary view or will be displayed when you click More. If there is a document type that you do not need to see or there are no results you can move that label back to the left hand pane by clicking on the X to the right in the label. Do note remove the label Results from the panes. The Result section is a combined view of all results: Laboratory, Radiology and Encounters. If you do delete the Results section you need to make sure you have each separate result section dragged into your display. NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT – IF YOU DELETE THE RESULTS LABEL YOU CAN’T GET THIS SECTION BACK! When you are done – click Submit. This view can be changed at any time by the user by clicking on Configure Layout again. If you would like to have a larger view of a certain document type, such as Laboratory, put the document type in the top pane and leave the next pane, or next two panes below blank.

See the Help document – Definitions of Documents for descriptions of the data types for each of the document labels.

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