How to create a document (behavioral health)

How to create, edit and sign a document in the Behavioral Health database. For all users in Internet Explorer – look at the SCHIE help menu for help on configuring Internet Explorer, setting popups and appropriate browser versions. Make sure all this is done before you begin to create a document.


1. Go to the Patients tab and search for the patient. A wild card search will let you put in just a few letters of the last name and an asterisk that will bring up a patient list – add more information to shorten the list.

2. From the Patient Summary Page – Choose the Create HIE DOCUMENT link in the Patient Actions window to the left.

3. In the Create New Document window – use the drop down to select the form you want and hit Create Form.

4. At the bottom of the form you will have a button to

a) Cancel – if you have made an error – like wrong patient

b) Save – if you want to come back to the note to Edit or Change

c) Save/Sign – which signs, locks and finalizes the note and saves it to the HIE

Editing a Note that has been created and saved but not finalized To find a note that has been previously created but not finalized to Edit –

1. Go to the Patients Tab and Search for the patient by name

2. Look in the window labeled Documentation for the previously saved note – it will say either Draft or Edited.

3. This note should have a RED PEN to the right of the document in a column marked Edit/Sign

4. Click on the red pen to open the document for Editing – you must click on the pen. A finalized uneditable document will have a grey background. The Editable document will have a white background. You can Save the document as many times as you need allowing you to go back and make additional edits until you click on the Sign/Send which finalizes the document. Draft and Edited documents will have a “P” status for pending. All documents are visible regardless of their status.

5. When you are done – Save/Sign the document. This document will have the title without Edit or Draft in front of the document title and the pen icon is no longer present. The Status will change from “P” to “F” indicating the document has been finalized and can no longer be edited.


6. If you have made an error and signed the form – you must send a mail to to have the document deleted. It is not legal for the HIE to correct documents for you.

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