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To access the options, click on Your Name under your organization


Several features of the Health Information Exchange need to be customized for the provider or office.


Email - this will be the Email address that forgot User Name and Forgot Password log-in information will be sent. This should be your everyday work email address

 Send To Me Configuration - This is the method by which patient results will be sent. The delivery method is via, directly into the EHR for providers that have an interface, Direct E-mail or by Fax. This setting will be the default for Send to Me documents. This setting may already be configured if you have an integrated EHR.

System Destinations exist in the HIE address book and can be selected. The document sent to Direct Email can be in CCD (Continuity of Care Document) format or a PDF. A document sent to the EHR will appear in the EHR messaging or in-box to be added to the EHR database depending on the EHR requirements. A document will be sent to a fax number if selected. This will typically take a few minutes. Ad- Hoc Destinations are added manually when this configuration is created. The user can type in the Direct Email address or fax number they would like the document or summary to be sent to. If a provider or facility has determined a preference for receipt of data from the HIE, the other choices of Destination will not be available and only the preferred destination will be displayed. If a user has no interface or Direct mail account the only option will be Fax.

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