How to create a referral


The SCHIE has a Referral form that will allow you to refer any patient to any provider. This is not the Physicians Medical Group Authorization form for PMG affiliated patients. If using Internet Explorer go to the “How Do I Configure Internet Explorer for the SCHIE” before creating a referral. 1) Click on the Patients tab and search for the patient.

2) Click on the patient name and open the Patient Summary view.

3) In the Patient Actions tab , on the left of the screen, choose Create HIE Document

(if you do not see this link you may have to upgrade your browser) 4) In the Create New Clinical Document window the referral form is the first document visible. Click on Create Form

5) The form will open -

a) The patient information will already be populated in the form. The FROM provider will be hard coded if the user is the provider or if there is only one provider in the office. If a staff user is creating the referral and there are multiple providers in the office the staff user will have a dropdown of providers to choose from. b) The Referred TO provider is a required field. Enter the name of the provider and use the search to search for the provider. Click on the name to select. c) If the provider is not available in the search – put in New Recipient and type in the Direct Address d) If you do not know the provider Direct Address, click into the Provider Directory on the links bar to look it up. e) Enter the initial request date f) Enter the diagnosis manually – code or description – this will become a searchable lookup in the near future. g) Enter the number of requested visits. 6) Save the referral if you need to return to the document and change or complete it. a) If you Save the document you will need to use the Refresh prompt to display the document

b) The referral you created will show up under both Results and in Documentation. You will need to look at the Documentation View to find the RED PEN under Edit

Click on the pen to open for Editing c) Sign/Send the document when you have completed it. A signed document can never be edited. 7) Currently staff members can create but not edit a referral. A provider who creates a referral can edit.

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