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Direct Messaging

Secure Encrypted Email Message Exchange to Trusted Partners and Patients.

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Santa Cruz HIE  offers California Direct to community members which is a secure email service for health care providers, clinicians and staff, including hospitals, labs, pharmacies and ancillary services to securely share patient information when and where it is needed to provide the best care for patients.  There are many ways that California Direct Messaging can be used by health care providers for coordination of care.

  • Transmit referrals and care summaries
  • Communicate with care team members outside your organization
  • Send alerts to providers caring for patient upon hospital admission, discharge, and transfer
  • Send/receive referrals, reports, care summaries, CCDs/CDAs, etc.
  • Send Personal Health Information (PHI)
  • Engage patients by sending healthcare records to a personal health record (PHR) such as NoMoreClipboard or HealthVault

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