How to find direct addresses and populate contacts

SES DIRECT Mail has a very comprehensive and easy to use mail address feature.

  1. Log into the Santa Cruz HIE and click on the WEBMAIL link. Note: right click and open in new tab for easy navigation back to Results.

  2. On the top bar - click on Directory - and then Search


3. On the right – Search in the Directory. All – will search the entire directory. You can send Direct messages to anyone in the list. Local – means anyone with the same domain as yours. For example if you have a domain of this search will return other Direct users with that same domain. If you are searching for a recipient that has a domain of or any other variation you will not find them in the Local address book change your search to All.


4. Set the Directory Type to Providers if you are looking for a doctor or staff mail address.


5. Fill in the last name, first name or both for the person you are looking for. You can add city, zip or other information to limit the results. Use the green SEARCH button at the bottom right of the screen OR just hit ENTER after you have chosen the person. You will get a list of matching users. The users in the address book are from many organizations all over the country so limiting by zip or city will help if you are looking for a community provider or staff person.


6. There are two green buttons -- Add to Contacts and Send Message. If you just want to send a message – put a check mark in front of the person you want to send the message to and click the Send Message button. A screen will appear for you to enter your message in with the chosen address already populated.


If you want to add the user to your contact list so that they will remain in your personal address book, put a check mark in front of the person’s entry and click on Add to Contacts. A pop-up message will indicate that your contact has been added.

When you create a message and enter some characters in the TO or CC the dropdown will present matching addresses from your contact list.

7. Set the Directory Type to ORGANIZATION if you want to look for addresses from a specific organization. Providers will generally be the best search parameter.

8. It is possible to search by SPECIALTY. In this search data must be selected from the drop down for Type, Classification and Specialization before the search in initiated. Each of the windows has a drop down selection which must be used to populate the window. This search has limited use.

Not all classifications will have available Specializations but None must be selected. DO NOT USE THIS SEARCH ICON for ADDRESS SEARCH this is for searching for items on the page.

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