Direct Messaging


Click on the Santa Cruz HIE Portal link located on the right hand side of the webpage in red font.


Credentials - Type in your Santa Cruz HIE User credentials Forgot User Name - If you forgot your user name click on the link and enter the contact mail address associated with your account. In most cases the user name will be in firstname.lastname format.


Forgot Password - If you forget your password use the Forgot Password link and a temporary password will be sent to the contact mail specified when your Santa Cruz HIE access was provisioned.


Locked Account - If the wrong log in and/or password is entered five times the account will be locked. To unlock call support.


Webmail - Right click on the Webmail link located on the black bar on the top of the page, open in new tab or window.



To customize your email click on Account located in the drop-down next to your user name located in the upper right corner.


Personal Info - Verify your settings and make sure that the Contact Email is present and correct. This will be the e-mail to which your password reset information will be sent and also where notifications of received Direct mail will appear if you wish to receive alerts.


If you have an Individual NPI – please make sure that is populated in the profile and then fill in or verify your user demographics with the office address etc.


Preferences - Enable if you want an alert when a new message comes into your Direct mail. The notification will be sent to the contact email you provided when you registered for your Santa Cruz HIE portal access.


Email Forwarding - if you would like all of your mail to be forwarded to a different address. This can be set up temporarily or permanently. This can be a specific other addresses or a group address.


Additional Settings

Click on Mail located next to the Santa Cruz HIE logo and choose Web Mail from the drop down list. Click on Settings located on the right hand side of the page.



Skin – choose one of 5 templates for appearance

Layout - Select the bubble to the left of the Inbox layout you prefer Language, Messages per page,and Contacts per page can be changed.

Auto check Mail Every – Select how often you would like the system to check for new mail


Email Accounts

Properties - customize how your name will appear on outgoing e-mail in the Your name field


Signature- customize your Direct mail signature

Manage Folders – add and delete your custom mail folders


Default Folders - These mail folders are required for the product and cannot be removed


Inbox - new mail coming in  Sent Items – mails that have been sent out


Drafts – mail saved which have not been sent


Trash – Deleted mails Deleted mail will remain in Trash until permanently deleted.

Use the Tool Bar to Add New Folder, Setup special folders, Delete Selected. Click the Save changes. Note: Deleting a folder will also delete all the contents)


You can also access the Manage Folders link from Web Mail and the first column at the bottom of the page.

SEND a Secure E-Mail

a. Select New Message from the tool bar on the left.

b. Type in the Direct Address of the recipient.


c. Type the Subject and Body of the Message


d. Select Click to attach a file if you would like to send an attachment or just drag and drop a file below the subject line into the attachment area.


e. The grey Tool Bar that allows you to navigate within the Webmail application.




a. Check Mail to view new messages. Select a mail will make it appear on the right or bottom of the screed depending on your layout. Double click to open the mail in pop-up window. Reply or Forward – select the mail and then use Reply, Reply All or Forward, Print or Save.


b. Mark – select the checkbox to the left of the selected mail and choose Mark as Read, Mark as Unread or Mark All Read or Mark All Unread from the toolbar above. If you select Mark as Read you can Flag or Unflag the mail.


c. Move to Folder - File – Check the box to the left of the selected mail from the inbox, then select Move to Folder and from the drop-down list select the folder that you want the mail in . You can also Drag and Drop. IMPORTANT NOTE: DIRECT EMAIL IS NOT INTENDED FOR PERMANENT STORAGE FOR YOUR EMAIL COMMUNICATIONS.


d. Delete –Select a mail from your inbox or any other folder and select Delete from the toolbar above.



Select the check box to the left of Arranged by. Select the arrow to the right and select the desired arrangement of the incoming mail.



Select the folder in which you want to perform the search. You can search by mail sent TO, FROM or DATE.

Contacts - Personal Address Book

a. New Contact– Enter contact name and e-mail address. You can enter a friendly name which will display the e-mail. Fill Contact details in Show Additional Fields and Save


b. New Group - Create a name for the Group and Save.


c. Add contacts to Existing or New Group - Check the box next to the contact or contacts you would like to add to a group .



The Directory is located at the top of page. Click on Search. Choose the directory you wish to search and choose either Providers or Organizations. You can narrow your results be filling in additional fields.


Support Contact

General support: Do not include PHI.


Sign Out

To Sign Out of the program , click on your User Name in the upper right corner and then Sign Out. This will sign you out of the Webmail, not the Santa Cruz HIE. To sign out of the Santa Cruz HIE click on the Sign Out link located in the black bar.

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