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Logging into the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange or the associated Direct Mail will take you to a suite of applications. For this reason a favorite link that you create in the usual manner of clicking on the Favorite or Star will not work when you try to use it. To Create a working Favorite; In Internet Explorer - Remove any non-working shortcuts if you have previously created them.


1. Go to ( type in the address bar – not a search window

2. ADD to your Favorites by clicking on the STAR and ADD TO FAVORITES

3. Close the program and click on the STAR again. Go to the FAVORITE you just added

4. RIGHT Click on this link and go to Properties

Type in in the URL window

3. Delete any other Favorite you may have created for the SCHIE or Direct, you can go to Direct from the SCHIE with the link on the top bar.


In Google Chrome


1. Go to

2. Go to the Favorites STAR at the right of the address window. Hit EDIT

3. Replace the URL in the Edit window with and Save

In Firefox - Bookmark

1. Log into

2. Log into the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange

3. Click the STAR at the end of the address bar to add the favorite site

4. Click the BOOK to the right of the STAR to Edit your bookmark and click on SHOW ALL BOOKMARKS

5. Choose Unsorted Bookmarks and Open

6. Highlight the Bookmark you just created –it will be called Mirth Results- Login

7. In the location window—type in


8. You can use the MORE at the bottom of the page to load your bookmark to the side bar for easy selection.


9. Delete any extra bookmarks that may have the wrong destination .

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