How to find a patient


To locate a patient to view clinical documents or to create a referral, authorization or other document you need to begin at the Patients tab. Some users will have a My Results and/or Organization tab also. Everyone has a Patients tab.

Clicking on the tab brings up the Search window. To search ONE – The * means this field is required. There must be some data in this field. You can put in as little as one letter and as much as the entire last name. You may see names in the list that is produced that do not match the name that you entered. If you hover over those entries you will find that the patient had a previous name that matched the name that you entered. TWO - This question mark describes the wild card search. If you enter less than the entire last name, or if you want to see only names that exactly match what you enter, place an asterisk after the information you have entered in the last name window. For hyphenated names, enter part or all of the first part of the last name and enter an asterisk. THREE- You can enter the first name, part of the first name with an asterisk or leave this box empty. The more information you enter the shorter the list of matches will be. FOUR – The date of birth is often a very good search criteria. Entering the date of birth will greatly narrow the number of matches even if you do not enter many characters in the last or first name fields. FIVE- Entering the gender will cut down the number of search results significantly. SIX – The SCHIE uses the term Patient Alias to refer to the Medical Record Numbers (MRN) issued by various systems in Santa Cruz. If you have an MRN from the hospitals or from one of the connected EMR’s you can use that, along with all or part of the last name to find the patient.

The returned list of possible patient matches is not in alphabetical order. You may have to look on more than on page.

If the patient in the list has no date of birth, look further as there may be a second entry for this patient. If the patient cannot be found: a) Check the search criteria and add more information to the Search window if known. b) Check your local demographic source for possible changes in the last name. c) Try using the first name in the last name box- some feeds send inaccurate information. The patient may not be present if; a) The patient has not been seen anywhere in the last three years, b) The patient has never been seen in Santa Cruz c) The patient never had any documents in Elysium If you cannot find the patient and need to create an authorization , referral or HIE document for the patient send a mail to with the patient name, Date of Birth, gender , address and phone number(s) If you have an interfaced EMR- make sure the patient is in your EMR- Any change to their demographics in your EMR will update the HIE or create the patient. If you need to urgently document on a patient who is not found in the HIE – call 831-600-3769

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