How to find results for any patient


The HIE allows you to access clinical documents for your patients which have been ordered by or created by other providers. You should only access this information if you or a provider in your office is treating the patient. Some patients have not given consent to view their results. There will be a “break the glass” challenge which requires a reason for access. To access patient clinical documents, go to the Patients tab in the HIE.

A search box will open called Advanced Filter: Patients or you can click on the link Advanced Search at the far right. All Patients is the default Search Type which searches the entire patient population.

There are two pieces of information required to search for a patient. 1) Reason for Search – since these are not documents ordered by or sent to you, you will need to indicate why you want access to the information. This is defaulted to Health Care Operations. The other choice is Emergency Access 2) Last Name –A wildcard search, the first three letters or more of the last name and an asterisk. This is a dynamic search and will show patients with names that start with or contain those three letters. For an exact search on the last name, enter the whole last name and an asterisk. More information can be added in any or all of the other search windows to filter the results and present fewer possible matches. Date of birth is a valuable search element for narrowing the choices. Additional Criteria opens up additional data windows to allow for further filtering of the patient selection. This is opened by clicking the arrow next to the words at the bottom of the search box. Results, at the bottom of the search screen, allows you to determine how many matches you want to be displayed. Submit or use the Enter key on the keyboard to start the search. A successful search will return one or more matching patients. Click on the patient name to open the Patient Summary to see the clinical documents.

Clear Search to open the search box to search again.

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