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Our Services

SCHIO provides health and social information exchange services so that organizations delivering medical treatment, and all related types of care that impact health and well-being, have the information they need to provide whole person care. 

Data Acquisition


Using a variety of means: interfaces with EHRs, data imports, etc. SCHIO acquires information from many sources: traditional medical services, mental health, housing, substance use treatment, and other social services.  We are continually adding new data sources including claims data and medication fill history.

Information Delivery


SCHIO delivers information directly into electronic health record systems (EHR,) the longitudinal patient record accessible within the health information exchange, and/or through a variety of messaging and information transfer systems such as Direct, eHealthExchange or CareEquality.

EHR Connections


SCHIO has existing interfaces to ensure that data can flow seamlessly both into and from a variety of EHR systems directly.  A list of EHRs for which interfaces are currently available is found here. 

Data Quality


Data quality means working to normalize and standardize the data that is shared in the health information exchange, including utilizing accepted data coding to make data more meaningful, comprehensive and actionable; managing individual’s identity to reduce duplication; and management of user’s access.

Together We Care


SCHIO supports care coordination and case management through closed–loop referrals, secure access to the community health record for the full care team including housing, mental health, substance use, food access and other providers; care coordination dashboards and reminder systems, and a shared care plan.

Value-Added Services


Value-added services involves working closely with participants to review and adopt new services that will best serve participants. This includes a broad range of potential services such as population health management, image sharing, consent management and report delivery.

SCHIO Services
  • Community-Wide Longitudinal Health Record

  • Bi-Directional Interface

  • Data Repository

  • Results Delivery

  • Master Patient Index

  • Single Sign-On

  • Referrals

    • Health Care and Community Services

    • Data Shared Appropriately – Clinical –  Social – Sensitive

    • EHR Integration (Direct and HL7)

  • Direct

  • Patient Centered Data Home

  • eHealth Exchange

  • Carequality

  • Public Health Reporting

  • Syndromic Surveillance

  • Content Translation to structured data

  • Custom Electronic Forms

  • Transcription

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