How to set up pop up blockers

Pop-ups are annoying visuals that can appear in a program without the user opening them. Popular internet browsers have programs that block pop-ups. However, the SCHIE has some features that work like pop-ups that you will not want to block. Below is how to set your browsers to allow pop-ups only from the SCHIE. Using Internet Explorer IE - Go to Tools - Pop-up blocker - Pop-up blocker settings

Open Pop-up Blocker Settings - Type in the address of website to allow and click ADD – then click Close


Go to the three bars on the upper right – from the menu choose Settings

In Settings open Privacy – Content settings

Click Content setting:

Scroll down in Content settings until you come to Popups

Click on Manage Exceptions and type in Click Allow and then Done



Go to the three bars in the upper right corner – from the menu –select Options

On the left on the General Tab – select Content

Under Content – Select Pop-ups and the Exceptions window. Type in , click Allow and click Close

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