How to save results


A User can save results from the HIE in several different ways and using several different forms. 1) Electronic file saved to the local computer. 2) Electronic file sent to the EMR 3) Fax 4) Printed To save the results: Locate the patient and the result that you wish to save and open the result. Save options appear on the top bar

Download Report: This option saves the report to the local computer. DO NOT use this option if the computer is unsecured. Once the document is on your local computer you can print, or attach to mail. DO NOT attach to unencrypted mail. Use Direct mail.

Send To Me: The Send to Me option will send the report to the configuration that you have set up under your User Profile that you reach by clicking on your name at the top of the page .

The Send To Me Configuration can be set up to send the document to yourself or another person under Recipient.

The Destination can be an interface to your EHR, a Direct mail address, or a fax number. When the Send to Me button is used the result will always go to the same location until it is changed in the profile again. All options will not be available for all users. If the user does not have an interface or Direct mail the Fax will be the only option shown. Contact Axesson - for an interface and/or Direct mail account.

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