How to set patient consent


Patient Consent to allow the viewing of their electronic records is not yet required in California but the Santa Cruz Health Information Exchange (SCHIE) has taken a step forward to have this access set prior to the enactment of the law. SCHIE has an Opt-Out model. Meaning patient data is shared electronically in the SCHIE unless the patient explicitly chooses to opt-out. The patient can consent to allowing the viewing of records by all who have authenticated to the SCHIE or patients can choose to “opt –out” which will place a notification on their records that they do not want their records to be viewed electronically. In our community a patient cannot totally block access to their records. An Opt-Out can be unblocked in the event of an emergency by a treating clinician for healthcare operations. Access is tracked and available to the patient upon written request to the SCHIE. Patient consent can easily be set within Practice Partner/Lytec CEHR at the time of patient registration. When the patient consent choice is entered in the EHR a message is electronically transmitted to the HIE. Capturing documentation of patient consent can be included in registration paperwork or consent forms both for allowing and disallowing access in the HIE are available on our website under the Patient Tab, and Patient Consent. When a connected practice is setting patient consent in the CEHR, the HIE does not need a copy of the signed form. The form is made available for the convenience of the practice to use if desired.


1. Click on CHART and Select the Patient

2. On the patient chart, choose the ORDERS tab.

3. When the Orders Screen is open, click on the NEW tab at the bottom.

4. This will open the Order Tree. Patient SCHIE Consent will be the top choice on the tree. Highlight Consent and Click ADD in the center. This will place the Consent “Order” on your list. Click OK at the bottom of the screen.

5. Right click on the Order in PENDING and select GROUP

6. In the Processing Dialog under Patient Gives Consent—Add Yes or No - do not change anything else in this screen. Click OK at the bottom of the screen.

The Consent has been set and sent to the HIE. Follow the same process if the patient wishes to change their consent. Use of the HIE patient portal will allow the patient to change their own consent whenever they wish. Please contact SCHIE Support if you would like information on the SCHIE Patient Portal.

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