How to share a document


Documents in the SCHIE can be Shared with other providers by Downloading to the local computer or using the SHARE button. Documents are not sent from provider to provider within the SCHIE but can be shared through Direct mail, through an interface into the recipient’s Electronic Medical Record, by fax or printed to paper depending on the capabilities of the recipient.


To send through secure Direct mail:

1) Find the patient in the HIE, locate the document and open it.

2. Click on the Share button.

3. If you have used Share previously, your prior links will be visible under Quick Links and if one of them is the person you want to share with you can just click on the link.

4. If you do not find the person you are looking for in the Recently Used Quick Links, Click on Search for Recipients


a) If the Recipient has an interface to their EHR you will see an option under System to send the document to their EHR. This is the provider organizations preferred method to receive that document and you should select that choice.

b) If the Recipient does not have an interface but has Direct you will see a Direct message option or if you know the recipients direct address you can select the Ad-Hoc and enter the direct address. The Direct address option will allow you to send the result in CCD or PDF format. The CCD format allows the recipient the option to include the data in the CCD into their EHR as structured data or save as an attachment. The pdf allows the recipient to save only as an attachment.


c) If the Recipient has an associated Fax number as a default in the system that will appear under System and can be chosen, or the Ad Hoc options can be used.

If you would like to send the result to a provider outside of our local area you have two options


1. You can Share the document and choose New Provider as a recipient. In the Destination you can select the AD Hoc Direct address or fax number as appropriate. If you do not have the provider Direct address, and you have Webmail enabled you can click on the Webmail and search the Provider Directory. Webmail is located in the black bar.

2 .You can Download the report to your local computer. Make sure that the computer is secure. Clicking on the Download button will cause an Arrow to appear at the left side of the result indicating the downloaded file in the bottom of the screen on the left.

Clicking on this file will open the file. Icons on the screen will allow for expansion or contraction of the file, the capability to save the document on your computer and the ability to print the document.

You can attach this file to Direct mail or print this file for use as a paper document. If the file is saved locally be sure the computer is secure. If the file is saved only for the purposes of attaching to a mail, it is recommended the file be deleted as soon as it has been sent.

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